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Shyp, Like Uber for Your Packages + Free $10 Credit #Shyp

Shyp makes it easy to ship or return items to your favorite online retailers. There is no need print a label, you don’t even need a box. Even better - it costs just $5. Here’s how Shyp works:

  • Download the Shyp app (The good folks at Shyp have sent me a code to provide my readers with a Free $10 Credit. Simply use promo code ‘LindseyH1’)
  • Snap a photo of the item you’d like to ship.
  • Request a pickup - Shyp picks up your items, then packs and sends them anywhere in the world ‘using the lowest cost and most reliable option.’ The courier arrives in about 20 minutes.

Why I adore Shyp
Ebay, Amazon, Poshmark, Tradesy, Mercari are constantly on my mind. I envision easy ways to sell my overflow, eliminating clutter and making room for new goodies. I am a consignment store junkie and have even justified purchases with the promise of ‘using for just a while’ and then selling on one of the popular auction/ online sales tools. This is sick. Even more sickening is my ‘auction box' that has moved into my attic and been replaced by ‘auction box #2.’

I figured that I had an unhealthy affinity to my stuff, but after discovering Shyp, I now realize my problem lies with just one part of the process - The shipping. Mobile Apps and technologies that remove backgrounds automatically for professional photos (Tradesy) have made listing our items for resale easy, even fun. However, once I’ve made the sale, the easy goes away. At least for me, I hate shipping!

My local post office is the worst! The lines move slowly and that one attendant that always seems to need to step out to lunch right when I hit the front has some real bad karma coming to her. Not cool! Other shipping services like Fedex and UPS can be costly when needing a pickup, as there are no local stores near me for drop-off. So… Enter Shyp.

Download the Shyp app (The good folks at Shyp have sent me a code to provide my readers with a Free $10 Credit. Simply use promo code ‘LindseyH1’)

Maven, The Digital Health & Wellness Clinic for Women

I’ve recently become a Brand Ambassador for a new iPhone app called Maven -- a digital health and wellness clinic for women. The idea is revolutionary... If you think about it, most of your visits to the doctors are less than 15 minutes (now, your wait time is a different story), and your doctor is rarely 'hands-on.' How productive to be able to take a digital visit to the doctor when possible? It's very possible with Maven.

Once you download Maven, you'll get real advice from practitioners by posting for free on the forum or by booking an on-demand video appointment. There are a wide range of specialists available, including nurse practitioners, doctors, nutritionists, and physical therapists. Appointments start at just $18 -- probably less than your co-pay -- and again, posting to the forum is FREE. You’ll never need to go to the doctor to get allergy medication, a UTI prescription or even birth control again!

Use my personal referral code from the home screen -- LINDSEYVIP. That will give you $5 of credit towards your first appointment.

Search "Maven Clinic" in the App Store or download here. Let me know what you think!


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