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If it wasn’t enough @evernote also let me take over their @Instagram stories for my weekend in San Francisco!! Click on the ‘Lindsey’ highlight at the top of their page (@evernote, to explore fun, food and culture in San Fran. 🦄 #Evernote #E10 #SanFrancisco #InstagramStories
Y’all showed up and out. 1K enrolled students in my first #Skillshare in just 2 days. Thank you! Not too late to sign up for the #FREE class. Sign up for the at --> Click on green banner at top for a 2 month free trial. You can cancel right away by clicking 'Payments' and then 'Cancel Membership.' BUT they have tons of great classes so you may not want to. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you - again! #Evernote #Productivity #Success #unicornlife🦄 #unicornlife
On #Art... If you know me or have been to any place that I’ve ever lived you know that my walls are covered in art - Literally. I’m less of a collector on the hunt for the value or potential value (though I’ve lucked up on a pretty solid collection thanks to Mom), I’ll take art from a talented artist selling their work on the streets any day. That said @kernyboydraws has created some amazing masterpieces for me over the last few months and dropped off one today!! The first, my mom and I at my Christening (though redone in the style of the Michelle Obama piece by @asherald (scroll right), my Dad for Father’s Day, capturing him and his art - the guitar and... Nina Simone. One of my favorite artists, I just needed her on my wall these days... Check out my new wall gold! 🦄
500 students! Thank you! Great first day run for my #Skillshare course “Productivity with Evernote: Use One Tool for Everything.” Remember, signing up is free. You also get a free two month trial (that can be canceled right away should you choose). Please note - this is not an Evernote overview, I’d need much more than 25 minutes, but it will get you started on creating your Productivity Hub, identifying your pain points and learning some key things to store in #Evernote to make your life a bit easier. Sign up at #Productivity #Course #Tutorial #Free #FreeTrial #AUsableCourse #LindseySpeaks #YourBestLife #UnicornLife #Unicornlife🦄
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