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The Power Is Within You!

Sometimes you just need a gentle nudge...

Louise Hay's book, 'The Power is Within You' has been on my nightstand for over a year. I've read it before, several times, but felt that I needed a refresher in positive thinking, meditation, visualization, etc. A year ago...

I finally read it again on Monday, and have been experimenting with ways to shift my thinking and be positive through EVERYTHING. Though I knew it worked - It works! Here are the results of my week with Louise ('s book):

1. Health - This week I lost five more pounds doing nothing different... But saying an affirmation in the morning when I woke up, before I worked out and before going to bed. This week in general I have being more conscious of knowing when I'm full and going to sleep at a reasonable time. The miracle is I had plateau'd over a year ago... So... (It works!)

2. Attraction - I blessed seemingly negative people this week. They weren't any less 'negative' per se, but my perceptions of them were different. I stopped calling them negative. I stopped judging them as negative. Honestly, I'm unsure if anything about them changed at all, but they left me alone. I then attracted some amazing people in my life - just this week. (It works!)

3. My Own Good Food - I (used to) hate to cook! But I blessed the idea of cooking instead, grabbed a cookbook and have made some of the most fabulous, healthy food for myself this week. I didn't take a class. I did nothing but change my feelings about this task that I essentially have to do to survive. Now, I have been known to eat my food even its not good, but it was truly good. (I have also started eating for my blood type, a gift shared with me again, a result of being open, and this week I notice a considerable amount of energy!)

4. Abundance - The last result of my week was a reminder in abundance... Ever since I was a kid, I have always been 'lucky.' I win contests. I get into places that I'm not 'supposed' to be. I attract money with little effort. As I have gotten older, nothing has changed, except my self-imposed stress about the certainty of these things... When... they... already... do... Silly! 

If all of these things continually happen in your life, why stress, why doubt that they will continue to happen? You actually begin to block them by not having the faith that brings them to you in the first place.

My career, truly as an Entrepreneur before any thing else, has been a gift. I travel when I want, I work (hard) when I want, I try many things that I want... To support myself, I have created many streams of income. A few are hands-on. Most require little physical effort. However, the connection with my higher power and understanding the laws of abundance have allowed me to continually reap the benefits of my streams. The ideas for this income and the power to execute them, came from finding the time in my life to be still, calm and open. I have been able to support myself and my dreams for the past 10 years.

The biggest detriment to an entrepeneur is to let friends and family who have little understanding about your career, and most - the idea of abundance at all, to get into your head with questions of 'What about the future?' and comments of 'You need a job!' You do have to bless them. They only know the constraints of their mind. They are probably speaking out of genuine concern for you. 

But we know better. We have seen abundance manifest in some 'unconventional' ways... I got one of my first major contracts by talking to a seemingly 'grouchy' man at a conference. My only task - to make him smile. He turned out to be a truly wonderful person and our talk was actually about power of Metaphysical thinking. It wasn't about business. The most successful entrepreneurs I know, Mastermind, meditate and pray over re-reading books from B school...

In my zone this past week, I focused on sustainable abundance, and I acquired two new major contracts. It works if you work it!

Pick up a Louise Hay book or another one that can reinforce the amazing, positive and God-filled (or Higher Power-filled) person that you are!

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