Can I just not have ‘the lesson’ sometimes God? Can I just have tiny lil break from your lessons? I just want to do my work, eat and sleep. Do you ever feel like God wants you get all the awakenings?! All the epiphanies?! All the lessons?! I’m going to try hiding — Before I do though, God, can you make sure I graduate in December and look back on this time and laugh and cry and laugh again ▪️ that people keep their commitments to me or don’t promise them or actually don’t even have the inclination to come into my life if they aren’t supposed to be here ▪️ that I learn to manage my stress so that it doesn’t manifest in my body or that I don’t have stress at all ▪️ that I stay true to my convictions, and learn to say no and say no again ▪️ that I don’t get advice from people that say ‘Well girl all you have to do...’ - that... ain’t... doing... it... ▪️ that I adopt and maintain and continue to maintain beneficial habits ▪️ that my loved ones are protected and healed and get a lil break from the lessons too. Especially the big lessons. Especially my sister▪️and sleep. I would really like to sleep. 🙏🏾 #BuildAFence #SpirituallyandLiterally #HidePark #GoodMorning #Prayer