#ReverendLafayetteSeymour — This was my minister and I was the first baby of our church. I grew up in a small but powerful denominational church that taught me how to pray, meditate, be positive, encourage others and above all - be great in all that I do. I have memories of fellowshipping with all people, from The Who’s Who of Capital Hill to the homeless who lived behind our church. As Reverend Lafayette taught me that compassion comes above all else and that all are welcome in our church. I was most proud when he led the benediction at my high school graduation (cc @madeiraschool). This was of course at the nudging of my mother. She wanted him to share his gentle voice and strong message with a ‘different’ audience. He prayed alongside ministers of all denominations and his message of hope, love and living life in ‘divine order’ was indeed well received. Rest In Peace Reverend Lafayette. Your impact was great, your work is now done. #Unity #DC